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Should the love, please love

Should the love, please love
If you love me, please take my humble heart sinking
Always thought, I'm just a very ordinary woman, a woman? This term will not too heavy?
As if he does not belong to a woman, at least not yet
Now I do not know everyone's views on love this community too much reality, or my views on love too close, if a girl is very beautiful, it seems very easy to get love, it is like if a man will be around a lot of money There are many beautiful women, so in the end is too long a woman must behave, otherwise he has nothing to do with love
I am, maybe be an ordinary woman, as mother said, the average person more likely to be happy.LAUNCH X-431|Bmw GT1|diagnostic tool |auto diagnostic tools|Auto Testing Tools|Transponder Key|Alarms and Security|Auto Locksmith Tools|inpa k+can|xprog-m|upa usb|volvo vida dice  By the way, about happiness, I have actually been quite looking forward to. Impression on his own happiness is to marry a love me, I love the man, then a baby of Health, and keep only small dogs. Oh, and then work together to pursue high quality of life, do not quarrel much more ... ... see, it seems to numb, side and both are directed at those who seek those who look to me, although I think I just have a little bit of good,
Then again, a few days to tell you that he likes you, Oh, I'm not a master in love, but also to understand these frivolous words. Me like really so fast? Then again, is to go to bed ... ... Although straightforward, but really true.
Although he is 90, but only that the "sex" very traditional, at least with me because of that man love of my heart, then everything willingly. Although there is no heavy emotional intelligence received, but the experience has always been a good friend of me, a man who keeps saying that love her, in less than two weeks after getting her put her rejection, the reason is very ridiculous, because the Soon the girls went to bed with him, has been, it is not unusual, and a face to see a long time, also well-behaved, and freshness of nature that is not broke,
I am actually very upset, afraid that one day I would love so superficial, more and more of the careful, be afraid, and eager to meet, even if he is not only a knight prince,
I would not say how much he is a good person, then you should get lots and lots of things, I just asked myself a good person as far as possible, then ordinary happiness of the world in their own
Vigorous than the so-called quiet, less is so the bar, with a soft heart and your love
I hope I can meet the knight, and profound feelings
So, my dear, should love, you love!

Hard to forget a lover
Hard to forget a lover
 We will meet many people along the way, will meet a fate many of their people. But, you know, in our lifetime, there was one person that we can not forget that our first love. Yes, in our minds, might say to this person, already not impressed. But when you mention the previous story, you still would have his memory as new, maybe you will forget your classmates, perhaps in the near future you will forget all the teachers and students, but there is a person, you will not forget that he is your first love, that you've loved the people.

In my heart, I have been thinking about this sentence in the heart, love how long a person can love? Is life? Or a turn of the moment? I do not know how long this time, because I still love, because I'm still waiting, because I have not forgotten. Love a person, in the end for ourselves, how long before the recall, it will not hurt? How long before the time at the thought of no longer tears? I do not know, do not want to know, because I know that my heart just the man I love has not changed, nor ever thought to change.Auto Diagnostic|VCM IDS|Automotive Diagnostic|VAS 5054A|volvo vida dice|Lexia 3|Nissan consult 3 |T300 key programmer|Benz Star|FORD VCM IDS Perhaps in the distant future, I will waiting for you bald, perhaps then already struck, Soul Deep, but our love will last forever, forever on this earth, sun and the moon cycle of followers, each accompanied wait . Do not know how many years later, when I think of the past was, I think I will think of you first because you are my first love, my heart is hard to forget.

When we talked about it when a friend of mine told me her story. She was like a boy, is her first love. However, the fate of the relatively rough, the boys did not get a long life, as suffering from nephritis, in the near future, died. However, this girl still waiting, waiting for his return. Until one day when she called his family to know the truth. At a later time, the girls end, sad for a long time. Now she has married, had a happy family. When talking about first love, her eyes red, because this love has long been buried in her heart, became a memory, waiting to become a love. Whether we take the long way in the future, how far, when we look back, we will find that the way in we passed, we missed a lot of beauty, you can miss a lot of happy people. She told me: a girl in order to happiness, then find a boy in love with his own; if a boy wants a happy life, then find a girl he loves, not too much asked each other, only the parties stand on each other's position to consider the issue, mutual understanding, then your life will be more happy, would love to permanent. I heard, the silence ... ... because I thought of my love that girl, take my whole heart that the girl, who can not make me forget the girl. Because this is love, this is what I want happiness ... ...

In the middle of the night, I silently thought: If I could know your love will last to the time, that nice ah. So I will let myself love you, love you with; when I no longer love you, I will put you completely. However, I can not return to the past, I can not in the future, I do not know what year to go before they no longer love you. I do not know where to year, you can completely let go. I have the sky, facing the month, against the clouds, against his heart, said, I have forgotten you, I have put you behind; I have also in the middle of the night, in a dream, facing himself said, has been forgotten. However, I still shed tears in my dream will still be in a person, suddenly thought of you. I will be in a hopeless waiting and waiting, the tears had sounded, I will quiet that broke our hearts. I will be waiting for your happiness, waiting for you back to me ... ...

In later years, deep down there is also a youth belonging to the sky, deep down there is a young love, will give birth to a tender and touching, that love is forever out.

Perhaps, loved, and it will get more ... ...

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Love, to never give up
Love, to never give up
Love is definitely not missing to find, but not tired, they can find a replacement with the hardship, not to enjoy the look for a shared responsibility, rather than with the escape can you find a responsible, rather than Love is blind love is responsible, life is real because love is only human to escape the derived products in order to escape from reality, I am looking for love to find love, I lost my true feelings lost truth, it was found had caught Xu Qing .auto diagnostic tools Love is definitely not missing to find, but not tired for love, what do you think? Tempted a little bit, a little impulsive, a hug and a kiss? Innocent people, saw a lot of Japanese drama series, ruffian Tsai article to see more. This may be a part of love, but certainly not most of the main love in life, you could take her to live with the sad moment, but you could take her to bear all the pressure? Can you give her body temperature, but you can give her life direction? Have you ever imagine when passion fades, no longer hold any attraction for you How do you go? Distance is the test of true love, by the time as the answer to your loved ones, please make a point of sacrifice,Alarms and Security hold onto your love or else how can we talk about true love you can forget the oath, but keep in mind their heart. Ask yourself, do you love so deeply? Are you willing to let two people injured in it? Love is definitely not missing to find, but not tired, good-for-life is not a man living with two people how to live well, but some objective reasons, in reality, you currently can not be together Can not you give up so easily, The compromises it? Can not you stand by for the love of it? You allow yourself to look so short-sighted and only see the front of the happy? Life on such a finish it? Is love, to never give up ... ...

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The emotional entanglement of vortex

The emotional entanglement of vortex
The book called "the eighth day of the cicada," title and contents of the story seems to have no contact but at the last time for the reader understood why.
From the beginning of the story, we were the most stable tone of the story into being, from the beginning of "I" stole lover baby, with the motherly love of our life .... fictional back above the closure read this brief introduction is enough to attract so we read and see the final outcome of the story.
The cover design at first glance there is no bright spots and features, but feel very beautiful, and we are watching the story, and a letter when it is found that the long end of the story to cover as a hint to tell our readers , stability and harmony to give us the whole story vividly describes it.
Content is the soul of the novel, after reading this book cover, we entered the book, from the beginning of the story we were deeply attracted. From the beginning of the kidnapping of reasoning appears to be a sudden change in style became filled with motherly affection novel, perhaps this many times in school when we did not see. When we see the future of hope and sub-holding "smoke", we do not know how the story will continue, but under the leadership of the reader into the hope and the love child, and Akiyama, after the feelings behind this malformation is deep frustration, and frustration leads to hope the final outcome and child behavior.
With Greece and the child in to see "smoke" around to avoid when we are so looking forward to the end of the story, to see such a fictitious life in the end, but give up hope and losing the little child to warm us tenderness. Such feelings are real, and we are in the top of this emotion to a criminal label.
Kidnapping, who is the real kidnapping.
I think the last time we can let go. So this story is about a seemingly empty of life, this life can be both hope and son, it can be our "smoked" the. Smoked as a child, being seen in the eyes of innocence is the best feeling in the world but this feeling is mounted on top of the crime. This is the novel's depiction of the social evil, is the infidelity committed by evil men, but in the end, we smoked and Greece have become the same woman and child, but she did not kidnap other people's children.
They both are similar to some extent, there are completely different people, and the child's anger and hope the anger of the performance of different smoke. Greece and sub-selected the crime smoked chose to give up, the final climax of the story is not met two people meet, but living in the same place.
The biggest difference between virtual and reality is that both the cruelty of different, but our stories are the story's end to reach a climax. The novel is very close in the afternoon for the evening, when read in the sun like the following, all peppered with the taste of the sun, it entered a stable and peaceful state, and the story is being perturbed in harmony give us about such a thrilling story.
Angel House in the period of the story is centered on the latter part of the story of the novel. When the angel of the house, all the same people being in this story has a similar point. In the end of the second part, we smoked and then returned to the Partners vegetables, vegetable Partners continued life, but it is among the footprints of entanglement and smoked,Bmw GT1|diagnostic tool|auto diagnostic tools|Programmer and Chips |Auto Testing Tools|Transponder Key|Tire Pressure Monitoring System|Original ICC IMMO Calculator|
smoked and she has not tell the difference between their own, until at last she came to understand, the original or whether it is hope and her own son is in love with his mother.
This is nothing but the two are completely the same love in such feelings of being entangled with each other, we can see through it all a peaceful, happy family life is perhaps not unfortunately, but at the end suddenly realize that the original All this is but an emotional entanglement.
This book is like looking into a whirlpool of emotions, feeling all the emotional entanglement with each other, and finally called us in tears at the end.

Networks do not say I love you love

Networks do not say I love you love
I always think that this network is an extension of another time and space out of a world, can share with me the emptiness of the men and women to find a spiritual home. Yoshibumi dance culture, love get ink ink jets show good songs, sharp teeth eloquent ... ... do their best. Perhaps, timid as heroes back, chivalrous, resourceful, emotional emptiness of friends to gather, ugly inferior high spirits .... .
Life is a scratch, from small to large, from birth to death in a cyclic process. One year from spring to summer,Car Ornaments|Auto Locksmith Tools|LAUNCH X-431|D-CAN Interface|inpa k+can|xprog-m|upa usb|Alarms and Securityfrom autumn to winter cycle of a cyclic process. Day from early morning to noon, from noon to dusk of a cyclic process. Novel is to experience the story from a place to develop to a climax to end the cycle of the process. Of course, also has a cycle of process as well as love.
Especially love.
From scratch, from the light grows, the concentration slowed, but not by the light.
Perhaps the length of time, really does not mean that the concentration and light feeling. Husband and wife for a long time to be in love from the beginning when the honey-like wedding day a dream faded as the calm water, courteous. The purpose of the moment two-phase, firewood is infected with fire, not into flames were not worthy of human society, a come and go.
Acquaintance can be said that fate.
Relatively unchanged over the years, still comes down to each other? It may be willing. Destined not like is all in vain.
Maybe we can have a relatively constant in recent years has only the most mundane truth: Distance to love pure and mysterious, is not the most beautiful.
Chu Xiangshi, how do I know I will love you? Attachment to the spirit of how I expect people will be the future of online and then talk about hot gossip?
Unconsciously in the process of approaching each other, we have no thought of who one day while waiting for each other and say the sentence: I love you. Along the way, simply look at the scenery.
Good regular flower, good times often. Blossom, poetry such as tea.
Later, we found that the roadside scenery, close to passers-by, as the seasons change, leaves were gone, and people looking from another. Net sea as sea of people, the crowds surging in any case, any case post hot, chat room, no matter how many elites to accommodate greater odds, you can calm down and sit in your profile control across the heart of your relative, there is only one.
Sad it?
In fact, many, many people, is not even a relative of the people can not.
Do not want to game characters, in fact I am not good at, as I am not feeling good at the game. Remember that the love between two sand, they persist with the hundreds of millions of years of silence toward the direction of closer with each other, Till the end, and face to face, and still did not have time to say it in three words.
I love you, in today's networks than on the street in winter cabbage farms cheaper things, he was like that grain of sand as I treasure them.
Not want to tell the truth, is to understand, once the mouth love, shovel sand into the machine will be separated into close proximity of our Cape horizon.
I know we always have a clearly an insurmountable distance. The direction you move your struggle, and I move my path.
That night, we listened to music. Weariness, such as flood swarmed glabella heart. Suddenly there are three words, clearly furious with the sound of spit fall on ears music: I love you.
On top of that moment blood rushed to the dizzy feeling is happiness not tell is intoxicated.
Not heard these three words long, and had access to these three words in the world away all the doors have been open in the hole, waiting in a reservation of the night did not let me tear drops, no sleep.
Did not say I love you back. I do not know the network, no roots of love, to have so strong. I can not change life for the network, this feeling is probably just an extension of lonely and non-relevant love it.
Promise, to you, maybe the wind, tomorrow is calm and said: last night hangover and incomprehensible.
Promise to me, it was as a mountain, life should be placed on the shoulders of mind, remember: your hand, and the child with both old.
So, I understand, for these three words, I can indulge, but not lost. Because it is not my life's direction. This life, I have to deliberately run a family, with him, have children, the elderly, there are a few windows out and the net.
Emotional needs of two people adhere to the road, or did not return to the pay, the Buddha of Mercy love can reach, the two narrow side world have withered due to lonely, dying.
I have a one to dry the rose petals, blooming like fragrance of your fingers, smile lead you Perfectionist. If our thoughts as clearly leaves this world a reason.
, I will of mud.Bmw GT1|diagnostic tool |auto diagnostic tools|Programmer and Chips |Auto Testing Tools|Transponder Key|Tire Pressure Monitoring System|Original ICC IMMO Calculator|

Love life is not enough. Life is not enough love. So, love the people entrusted reincarnation, expected lifetimes of struggle.
You say: In this life, my love for you.
Listen to the remark, I do not have tear drops. Plain and defend, in three words is not the first drops of nectar surprise, but it is always open to flowers unbeaten spell.
Various twists and turns of time and space, this love has penetrated bone marrow. Lost you, I am still alive, maybe just lose color, no flowers. Have you, I still dull, watching you come and go.
If not, I love you. I am ready to lose you.
Then lost the love of roses, lost Kenshi is still the scars of pain. Now, Adds a new injury but just.
You said that you as a woman and heart. Asked me: tell me how to do?
I've never once thought of having you. You are free like the wind. If I said, I like you, you when it is used to it, used a word with you, habits you waiting for me every night, used to hearing you say this life enduring, the words used to drink that sweet taste.
I want to say a heart filled with love, when all eyes to see beauty, but not beauty.
I want to say a heart filled with love, when life in mind is filling, regardless of joy and sadness.
I want to say a heart filled with love, any corner of the love filled with roses, there is no open space.
In fact, I would say, you should know that ... ...


Cherish the immediate right.

Cherish the immediate right. .
If there is one person who can completely relax yourself mind, no shackles of love, make love. If you have lost, please let go. Heart of the pain can not deceive themselves, thinking how much really was able to do, really afraid of losing you, but everything has gone really gone, why you are not happy to see it, perhaps you should Happiness of ~ What is between you and me, I should ask you? but your cold I dare not close, injured another wounded heart really hurts, do not want to do, what you want in the end, but do not I again, all this is why ... ... just as sometimes think too much sometimes but empty-headed, perhaps I'm just an episode, what is the use hey ~ sigh, thinking that they have put down, but whenever they see you, I found cheating themselves and others feeling to feel good, maybe something is not seen each other better, I will go mad in such a trance, a ~ how to do ah, feeling that things can only rely on themselves, but also Who can help themselves do not help ah ~ perhaps really should relax, take a few days to get out, and so completely forgotten Mody. Afraid to meet you, my friend What can really be friends Why ... ... I realize I have been very naive, silly naive, huh, huh, but also indecisive, the ... ... really not a bold man ah, the original thought that fate, and now It seems my life by the God I was not too hard for big ... ... What, Where is the self-confidence, but also recover ~ unbearable blow What Is he really so vulnerable, love, it seems somewhat understand, So this is love
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Hate lies to his own thoughts about


Want to cry, was to find a quiet corner and settled down to get ... not allowed to own tears again, we can not stop the pain has become a parallel wound, bottomless, when I forgot that I had to happiness .... I do not expect to have a happy, and I do not .... I only want one

By myself, to let the tears in the air condenses, so that memories in the air dilution remember, forget, love, hate, regardless of the go no longer chase

With just a man quietly buried themselves in the deep earth, quietly watching you smile, cry, move, sad but we survived

Vector to each other, take of no return, turning back, lost in the distance before they lost the good it does not exist, but also understand that nobody left

Love is the emotion ... this world, good desolate ... even gone with the wind dropped a tear too, hate my weaknesses, so sad choice continue ...

About hate lies to hate their own thoughts ... it seems you like a child reluctant to actually love or be loved does not matter, because the passage of time, everything is just in the past, as long as time continues, in fact, all along the objective existence of things are changing
In fact, love does not matter true or false;
Do not love, no right or wrong ... ...

    Who thought he could not have been revived, now know that everything look simple point, will be able to release their own ~ ``

    Because they do not like it, so I do not love, end element, but in fact love is that simple, bottles (acridine +, do not go in the pursuit of what can, okay? Like you, I do not like, do not really like ~ ` ``

    Not possible to retain what women do to men is not worth losing your dignity, love your man will not let you lose dignity ~ ``

    If you have lost the dignity of the ~ Then I had to tell you, give yourself a space, even if you feel sad, lonely, please give yourself a room, give yourself a simple way of thinking, there is no need to fall into their own so do not woven perfect dream, slowly awakening to their own, you will get rebirth ~ `` I believe I `````

    In fact, wake up, you can also close to the warmth of dawn ... ... ... ... ...

      There is no need for love, or love, like, or do not like, under any definition, because everyone is different way of thinking, feeling not the same, as though it really is not the same as two of the same egg ~ `... ...

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Do not want to forget who you are

Do not want to forget who you are
    Some are doomed to lose, some fate is never a result, a person does not love to own, but have a person who must be cherished. If I do not care shed a tear, it is because I do not want to forget who you are.
    If a moving heart, tears become a line. Jun complain I was born late, I complain to late monarch. Memorable, unforgettable agreement before Modoribashi. However, after a Mengpo Tang drink, we will also remember the other end of the bridge contract it?

    Only, only, in this life I want you again. Although you want to miss this life accompany, but affinity acquaintance, this life without regret. And you can use during the day and night heart intertwined, it is how happy moment. When empty encounter a lonely, doomed Nanfennanshe, their product is called Acacia.

    Think not that, not the concept, to eliminate the Iraqi people to languish, and finally can only be Acacia Rouchang End of the World off!

    A dream, right? If it is a dream, I would like in a dream! This is not the sufferings of this life and the afterlife, and sadness. Only, and only in a dream and you can hug. In reality, how do I go on prolonging, everything Yaomiao. Kite broken, there are lines in the hand grip. Miss broken, we can hold what? Maybe it is to the true state, so that heart between lavage earthly fatigue, comfort each other's loneliness.

    I am drunk, drunk inside your passion Miyi. However, despite your affection How could I eat my reason? Tempting daily speech has become uneasy burden. Best Solar's Review was a fate in exchange for this life, we look back enough, destined to this life were destined not it? So do, do not promise, I am afraid it is this life can never be empty promises.

    Let each other in a dream telepathy Stretching, audio Yaoruhuanghe until one day, then this I used the affection on the Mengpo Tang Modoribashi in gulp! Shed a tear if I do not care, that I will not forget who you are. . . . . .

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